No Poverty

Kesha Kumari Damini (2014 Business for Peace Honouree, Nepal)

Chair, National Micro Entrepreneurs Federation Nepal

What is your company doing?

My company trains unskilled women in remote villages to create products using local fibre, yarn, agro products, and to better their livelihood by earning income. After instilling self-confidence, we ask the women to use their experience to educate other younger women to realise their own potential.

Why are you doing it?

A young, literate villager taught me to read and write Nepali when I was 30 years old, by using stones as chalk, and the earth as the slate. Due to sheer hard work, I started my journey of self-reliance. I want my village women to realise the power of perseverance and confidence at a much younger age.

What is the impact?

I see the eyes of women who make 100 rupees (1 dollar) a day brighten up and wait anxiously to get to work the next morning, not because they made that much, but because a new sense of self-worth is instilled in them.

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