No Poverty

Connie Hasemann (2013 Business for Peace Honouree, Denmark)

CEO and Founder, All Ears TM

What is your company doing?

All Ears TM is a Work Integration Social Enterprise run on normal market terms that delivers high-quality customer service by hiring and educating people who suffer from severe eye diseases. We are turning the disability into a competitive edge, and creating jobs both in All Ears TM and other Danish companies.

Why are you doing it?

I strongly believe that disabled people are valuable labour resources on equal standing with others, and that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the labour market. The diversity of our staff is living proof that anyone can contribute and make a difference.

What is the impact?

The impact is social sustainability! Our customers get high-quality service at a competitive price that enables us to fulfil our social mission to run a sustainable business. Together we are creating social value for a wide range of persons facing difficulties getting access to the job market.

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