No Poverty

Adnan Kassar (2014 Business for Peace Honouree, Lebanon)

Chairman, Fransabank

What is your company doing?

With the “Go Green” strategy we have implemented since 2012, Fransabank has built capacity to become the leading Lebanese bank in Sustainable Energy Finance. The Bank partners with several international institutions, such as the IFC, EIB, AFD, and DEG.

Why are you doing it?

• To affect the climate agenda by the investments we make and the credits we grant • To incorporate concern for the climate and environment in our products and to conduct our business in a way that minimises its CO2 footprint • To create general awareness and transmit this commitment to clients

What is the impact?

• Launching an Environmental & Social Management System (ESMS) taking into consideration environmental and social impacts • Counselling customers that are working to employ sustainable solutions using energy efficient technologies • Instilling a culture of green sustainability in our employees’ habits

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