No Poverty

Jon Hindar

Group CEO, Cermaq Group

What is your company doing?

Cermaq is farming salmon, producing more than 2 million meals annually. Salmon farming is an efficient producer of healthy proteins, with a small carbon footprint, efficient feed conversion, and limited use of fresh water compared to other animal protein sources. Aquaculture is needed to meet the growing demand for healthy food. I will pursue the sustainable development of Cermaq’s operations and do my utmost in working with the global industry.

Why are you doing it?

The Sustainable Development Goals provide a shared opportunity to end poverty, combat climate change and fight injustice and inequality. We all need healthy food and a healthy planet. Whereas salmon will not be the major contributor to end hunger, aquaculture is necessary to meet the growing demand for protein and ensure healthy diets for all. The salmon industry needs to develop further through R&D and competence transfer to other forms of aquaculture.

What is the impact?

Better use of the oceans for feed production is needed as arable land is limited. Through a more developed aquaculture industry, we can further improve the efficient use of resources. The technology and practices developed within the salmon farming industry can successfully be transferred to farming of other species. Salmon farming provides many job opportunities in rural areas, and supports strong local communities.

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