No Poverty

Professor Doctor Ibrahim Abouleish (2012 Business for Peace Honouree, Egypt)

Chair, SEKEM

What is your company doing?

SEKEM is working on bringing sustainable development into reality. We produce eco-friendly products in the areas of organic agriculture, health-food, natural medicines and organic garments. At the same time, SEKEM has established a medical centre, schools and a university.

Why are you doing it?

Realising the importance of the economy, I established SEKEM as a response to the deteriorating economic, cultural, social, and ecological conditions in Egypt. SEKEM is meant to be a model for the sustainable development of individuals, society and the environment in Egypt.

What is the impact?

• A reduction of pesticide consumption by 30,000 tonnes annually since 1993 • 50,000 people served within the SEKEM community • 800 million filter bags of organic herbal tea produced for the local market • Millions of tons of CO2 sequestered in our organic soil • Reduction in water consumption of 40 %

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