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Juan Andrés Cano (2015 Business for Peace Honouree, Colombia)

CEO, Semilla, Business and Human Rights, Value4Chain

What is your company doing?

PeaceStartup identifies peace and human rights challenges by means of a multi-stakeholder dialogue and transforms them into ‘business opportunities’. It engages companies, the public sector and human rights NGOs which have an interest in solving peace-building and human rights challenges. At the final stage of the process, it is expected that these actors would become clients and partners of the ventures created and that they would actively engage and/or invest in them.

Why are you doing it?

The end of the humanity is the end of the market. If we want to transform our economy to be more sustainable, stable and fair, we must transform the value chains in all sectors, taking advantage of any link to create economic, environmental and social value, to support the SDGs. In the future, successful companies will be those that best manage their supply chains. That is, to achieve significant value to reach neglected communities, efficiently and without impact on their deployment.

What is the impact?

The PeaceStartup Model brings (potential) entrepreneurs, NGOs, the public and private sector, and other civil society actors together to work on different human rights challenges and to co-create business and social models which address those challenges. The process includes looking at seed-funding, and the continuing provision of mentors, experts, and market linkages. Our model could impact these value chains, the global entrepreneurial ecosystem, the local public sector, the impact investment sector and private direct investment.

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