No Poverty

David MacLennan (2012 Business for Peace Honouree, United States)

President and Chief Operating Officer, Cargill

What is your company doing?

Cargill is working at the intersection of food security and sustainability by nourishing people and protecting the planet. It invests in sustainable solutions to improve farmers’ livelihoods and the overall resilience of the global food system.

Why are you doing it?

Cargill is committed to being the global leader in nourishing people and operating responsibly across the agricultural, food, industrial and financial markets we serve. The aim is to be the most trusted source of sustainable products and services for their customers.

What is the impact?

Over the last five years, Cargill has contributed more than $105 million worldwide to advance food security, sustainability and nutrition. It has been instrumental in reducing deforestation related to soy cultivation in Brazil and has achieved 97 percent traceability to the mill in its palm oil supply chain. Cargill improves nutrition through fortification and improves food safety practices. Around the world, Cargill helps increase agricultural productivity and incomes for the benefit of farmers and their communities.

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