No Poverty

Josephine Okot (2009 Business for Peace Honouree, Uganda)

Managing Director, Victoria Seeds Ltd

What is your company doing?

Our business is to improve the productivity and income of smallholder farmers through efficient dissemination of quality inputs. We are empowering rural women by guaranteeing markets for their output, providing training and extension services that can transform them from subsistence based producers to commercial farmers.

Why are you doing it?

1. Crop yields are only one third of their potential average in Uganda, and farmers have to contend with the changing climate and new diseases. 2. Women constitute 77% of smallholder farmers in Uganda. By engaging them in seed production we are eliminating one of the root cause of gender poverty.

What is the impact?

1. Food security at the household level and national level 2. Reduced domestic violence as women are able to generate income 3. Sustainable utilisation of land from good agronomy 4. Education for children as mothers are now empowered with income 5. Better nutrition

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