No Poverty

Sigve Brekke

President & CEO, Telenor Group

What is your company doing?

Connectivity is at the core of Telenor's business and fundamental for the implementation of the SDGs. Telenor, in collaboration with partners, is working on projects including mobile birth registration in Pakistan, closing the digital gender gap in India and big data for social good. At the launch of the SDGs, Telenor spread the news to 87 million customers via SMS, reached 14 million via social media and 38,000 employees.

Why are you doing it?

Telenor’s vision is to empower societies. We’re here to help customers get the full benefit of being connected. Every day. We seek to contribute and create shared value in the markets in which we operate. Reaching the SDGs is our common goal and responsibility, and that’s why we also think it’s simply good business.

What is the impact?

Connectivity empowers people, business and societies. Being connected means being included. It creates opportunity to experience, to share and to innovate. In our markets we see an impact on GDP of 1% for every 10% increase in Internet access. With our services and through our projects, we see impact such as birth registration increase from 30% to 90% in pilot regions in Pakistan and how connectivity transforms society in Myanmar.

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